The Client

Parque Natural da Madeira is responsible for managing and protecting the areas of the archipelago that are part of the Natural Reserves. These areas are located both in the sea and in land and cover almost 2/3 of the archipelagos total area.

The main goal of this organization is to protect the fauna and flora that are unique to this region and some species that are endangered or critically endangered.

The protected areas include not only full nature reserve but also partial nature reserve.

Laurissilva forest (classified by UNESCO as world heritage), Ponta de Sao Lourenco, Garajau and Desertas islands are just examples of areas that are included in the natural reserves and that were part of this project.

Parque Natural ( sponsors of the project

About the Project

Parque Natural da Madeira and team Euphorbia joined efforts in order to research, understand and implement new ways of increasing the population’s awareness for environmental problems. The goal of this project is to influence local population and visitors to choose environmental best practices that will protected the ecosystem’s biodiversity and will guarantee economic sustainability

Field Research in Camara de Lobos

The Team

Julia Silva
Process / Project Manager with 7 years experience at Portugal Telecom
Salim Batlouni
Artistic computer engineer
Kara Rennert
Project Manager with 13 years experience (additional experience in interaction and interface design, usability testing, instructional design and technical writing)
Ana Alves
UX Designer with 4 years experience at Novabase